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Type, Roll Up, and Go!

Do you ever wish for a real keyboard?  Sometimes those virtual keyboards just won't do.

Imagine a portable keyboard for your smartphone or tablet that rolls up when you are done. A silent keyboard that is ideal for those long texts, emails, or documents.  Waterproof. dust-proof keyboard that connects using wireless Bluetooth technology.  

This is a super-hot item so get yours while supplies last. These won't last long!

  1. Compatible with Apple, Android, and Windows on all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and computers
  2. Silent keystrokes
  3. Lightweight, ultra slim compact design that is foldable. Roll it up when you are done
  4. Easy operation, just plug and play
  5. Waterproof, dust-proof design that makes cleaning easy
  6. Instructions and USB charging cord included

Waterproof: Yes
Type: Bluetooth Wireless
Colors:  Pink, Blue, Red
Size: 10.03" x 3.35 x .5"

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Certified Warriors

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